Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big Move

So Carly and I just moved to our new apartment in Salt Lake. We love it. It is right downtown and close to everything. We walked to work (3 blocks away) and unsuccessfully tried to pick up shifts, after that we went to the library (1 1/2 blocks away) got new library cards and checked our email and did other things online. Once we get Internet set up at our house we will post some pictures of the new place for everyone to enjoy. It is an old building and has a few issues, like no elevator and we live on the top floor, but hey, who couldn't use the exercise? It is really annoying when we have to take the dog out to use the restroom three times a day. And it made moving in a worthy chore. We did get a ton of help moving in though and we are supremely grateful to all who helped. We also vow not to move again for another year or two. That's it for now.

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Sarah said...

That sounds cozy! I'd love to see pics when you get everything all set up. I'd love to live within walking distance of stores and the library!