Sunday, March 22, 2009

Andrew went indoor surfing this week and he was the best one out of the group:) i sat on the sidelines and ate a cafe rio salad.
The cutest dog on the planet

So... Andrew and I have decided we're going to try and keep this thing updated... and seeing as I really don't have many hobbies these days it seems like something I could do to stop thinking about money and bills for a few minutes a day. We just got home from grandma and opa's house and had some dang good cookin.. and now we're going to attempt to take some prego pictures of myself. The pregnancy has been good. No huge complaints except for the massive heartburn that drives me up the wall!! oh.. and I hate Olive Garden... as Miriam said i would. Andrew starts his new job tomorrow so we're really excited about that... It's going to be the first time in a long time that we're not together 24/7.... which i know he's pretty happy about :)... anyways, it's almost past our bedtime so we shall be writing more later. 


Sarah said...

Oh yea! I would loooove it if you guys actually did update the blog more often. I check all the time, but there was never anything there, so this new goal makes me happy :) Nice surfing pics, and Carly, you look great. Where is Andrew's new job? No more Olive Garden?

MiriamR said...

Hey you look great carly!! It looks like you are doing well and I am glad. I am so glad you guys are blogging. Then we can see you more. Yay for that.

The Gunters said...

im so proud of you for updating. you look cute as a button

Bailey bits and pieces said...

Carly...your belly is so cute! Im so glad you ahve these pics to remember this time. I wish i had taken more with my pregnancies Glad its going good..enjoy it!!